Czech Beauty

Two concerts – The most beautiful Czech songs from A.Dvořák and L. Janáček or the greatest Czech operatic arias (A. Dvořák, B. Smetana, L.Janáček), two programs that perfectly represent the Czech soul, with its loves, joys or nature.

Presented by : Eva Benett and Friends

Japanese breeze

This uncommon quartet, composed with two violins, one cello and one voice will introduce you to a mixed program :
France and Japan will be represented by the Tsurusaki family.
This concert where Japan and France meet, composers such as Ravel, Poulenc, Bekku, Tsurusaki himself (the cellist) and many others will be represented in an intimate but passionate atmosphere.

Presented by : Quatuor Tsurusaki

French Touch

Program emphasizing some of the most beautiful of the French melody by bringing together Poulenc, Debussy, Messager or Yvain.

Presented by : Mathilde Opinel & Marie Duquesnois

Spain through French music

Lisa Biard & Yuki Tsurusaki Lisa Biard and Yuki Tsurusaki will put together the bayan (classical accordion) and lyrical singing, with the energy, the warmth and the sensuality of French composers such as Maurice Ravel, Leo Delibes and many others, to make you travel around Spain.
Presented by : Duo Liyu

Sung into the Distance

Songs of Vítězslava Kaprálová and Bohuslav Martinů.  The story is a romantic one: Two Czech composers in Paris at the beginning of World War II, one an older married man, the other a doomed ingénue. Their relationship was both artistic and intensely personal and, precisely because of its potentially scandalous nature, often misrepresented and misunderstood.

Presented by : Ema Katrovas  & Andrea Mottlová.

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