Due to the CoVID restrictions, we did not just want to cry over the spilled milk, but we wanted to find an alternative way. And we did find it. We artists are willing to let our audience and fans safely enjoy their favourite concert or performance. At the same time, we are willing to offer experience as close as possible to what they were used to get before the pandemic. We know what they are missing and now we have found a solution! The disadvantage of streaming is the absence of social aspect in the theatre performances, it lacks the feeling of unique, shared experience.

After asking a question „What do you miss when you are not allowed to physically go to the theatre?“, some of the respondents´ answers are: „meeting friends, bubbling over with anticipation in the theatre hall, excitement for new knowledge, new encounters, stepping in the theatre, lights down before beginning, tension, thirst for konwledge, interconnection…“  All of that is included in our new journey. Our programme has been created in cooperation with Opera studio Prague and Confer-omatic. Unlike common concerts streaming, it brings the opportuninty to take part in a virtual space concert, the possilbility to have talks, or to get a meal or wine home delivery. To attend a concert with our relatives who live on the opposite side of the world or with those who are quarantined. This programme brings everything that can be created with IT support, yet preserves the uniqueness of theatre performances and theatre community.

With your purchased ticket, enter the 3D world. Select a virtual character as well as a formal dress that you like most. While entering the virtual space with your avatar, a new world with a theatre building emerges in front of you. You can arrange meeting your friends outside the theatre and enter it side by side. Indoors you find a spot where a video chat is ready for you. After entering the theatre hall you can see your neighbours, and as in the real theatre, you are allowed to have a quiet chat. And now the lights go down, the curtain opens and the concert begins. It is played out online, with no recordings. Only here and now.

A concert performed by The Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice, excellent soloists and panotmime makes the theatre visit a sort of unusual experience, yet very close to the real one.

In case of loosenig CoVID restrictions, a hybrid version of the programme is arranged. Not only in relation to CoVID, but it is also offered to share the theatre performance with our loved ones abroad, families with young children as well as disabled people.

This project will see the light of day on April 18, 2021

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