Damn good opera! 😉

Are you going to see The Devil and Kate? What you shouldn’t miss…
The entrance to the venue will be through the main gate. Keep your tickets, you’ll need them when you get seated.

In the event of rain, performances will be moved to alternate dates:

6/16/2024 – alternate date June 6/17
6/18/2024 – alternate date 6/19
6/20/2024 – alternate date 6/21

3 parking lots will be prepared for visitors of the event:
1. At the AD Memorial (coming from Bohutín)
2. Next to the municipal office (coming from Bohutín) – Walking distance 8 minutes
3. At the Narysov-Třebsko-Bohutín intersection (coming from Třebsko) – Walking distance 15 minutes

From the car parks, a driver with a smaller seven-seater van will operate the collection service –
He will be ready for you on 797 759 679


– The performance takes place in the evening, outdoors, so we recommend dressing warmly to be safe.

– During the performance, the audience transitions between two scenes – the pond and the castle. You will walk on a grassy area or a longer path on a hard surface.

– If, due to limited mobility, you would need to arrange for transportation by car, please contact us at: 723 498 095 or 797 759 679

– The performance is non-smoking.

– All payments at the venue are cash only.

– Alcohol is prohibited on the entire premises for anyone under the age of 18.

– There are bins and waste receptacles on the premises. Please help us keep the show neat and clean.

– Luggage storage is not available on site.

– Food and drink will be available for purchase during the event.

We look forward to your visit!

Do you want extraordinary music in a unique setting ? Then come in June to see one of Antonín Dvořák’s most famous operas directly at the place of its creation ! Just like last year’s Rusalka, this year’s theme will be fairytale. During the evening you will again have the opportunity to visit various mysterious corners of the Antonín Dvořák Memorial. The plot of the opera will gradually take us to the after-party, to the castle and to hell itself!

Conductor : Sébastien Bagnoud
Director: Dagmar Hlubková
Choreographer: Martin Šinták