The Opera Studio presents the Gala Concert in Pardubice with the Olomouc Philharmonic Orchestra comprising 57 musicians. The performance will introduce ninety minutes of opera and operetta arias and other well-known melodies from J.J. Offenbach at the occasion of 200 years of his birthday. In addition, melodies of Georges Bizet, Cammile Saint-Saën, Charles Gounod and Emmanuel Chabriere will be a part of the programme. 

This time, as well as in our other occasion, it will be not just a concert, it will be much more. The artists will wear costumes to enhance the musical expression with a visual impression from a particular opera character. The costumes were created in collaboration with protected workshops, and the director will not be completely neglected. And how will we remain devoted to the idea of linking music and pantomime? The idea of pantomime and France lead us to introduce the Pierrot, the figure of one of the most famous pantomime representatives, namely the French-Czech Jean-Gaspard Deburau alias Jan Kaspar Dvorak – the biggest of Pierrots. Jean-Gaspard predecessor of all the romantic, decadent, symbolic, and modern pierrots.

As usual, the social aspect of this project is also important for us, namely the cooperation with CEDR on the creation of solo artists’ costumes together with Metropolitan Professional Art Secondary School in Prague 4. The costumes based on designs by Zita Miklošová will be worn by four singers two Czechs and two Frenchs.


It is our greatest pleasure to receive a patronage from his Excellence Ambassador of France.