Lukáš Sommer’s music opens the stories in far history, the time of myths and legends. The mysterious beauty accompany us by the first stories of the Czech lands and leads us to the most honorable king of our history, Charles IV. His life, his dilemmas and his spirit go together with us through the Czech lands to the Husites and the Council of Kostnice. But on other way it leads us to the pleasure and joys, to the discoveries and inventions. Czech countries have a lot to tell, not only from the point of view of historical textbooks but also from the point they brought to the world. So let’s listen to the stories and music, that will not only excite you, but it will completely absorb you …

Lukáš Sommer (composer)
Helena Chalupová (consultant)
Sébastien Bagnoud (conductor)
Vojtěch Svoboda (director)
Zita Miklošová (scenographe & costumes)